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We are so glad you found us!  We use an innovative cold rolling process to produce steel trusses, steel studs, and more.  We are located in Wyoming near The Black Hills.  After we design your order, we roll it and deliver to Rapid City, Spearfish, Sturgis, Gillette, Sundance, Sheridan, Casper, Williston, Dickinson, Cheyenne, and more.  Our steel construction materials are lighter, stronger, and easier to install with very little waste.  Any questions, let us know.  Browse around our website to learn more or call us right now for more information.


Steel is light-weight and has a low weight to strength ratio.

Cold rolled steel is lighter than wood and takes up less space.


Steel has quick installation.

Cold rolled steel is quicker and easier to install than wood because they are light, straight and attach with screws.


Steel is very affordable. Cold rolled steel is less expensive than wood in material and labor cost with qualified installers.  It is also less wasteful by being pre-cut to needed lengths helping lower the overall costs.  It also takes up less space and is lighter lowering delivery and storage costs. 


Steel is strong and rigid.

Cold rolled steel is stronger and more stable than wood, it has a low weight to strength ratio.  Steel won’t twist, warp or rot like wood.